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Trees are beautiful, but they can also become dangerous if left unchecked. We provide tree trimming and removal services to take care of hazardous ... Read more
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Save yourself the time, money, and hassle of getting your outdoor living space to suit your personal style. With our landscaping services, you will finally have the outdoor living space of your dreams.
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Troyer Tree Service has the most professionally experienced people working carefully at all of our job sites. Our company caters to a wide range of ... Read more
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Since 1995, Troyer Tree Service has been the most dependable tree removal and landscaping service in Sarasota, Florida. From simple lawn maintenance to a difficult tree removal requiring a crane, no job is too small or too big. We take pride in the delivery of our services and strive to provide complete customer satisfaction at competitive prices.
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Troyer Tree Service is the perfect choice for any jobs in your yard and property. We are a family owned and operated business based in Sarasota Florida that specialized in expert tree services and full landscaping services. Our crews are seasoned professionals and we only use the best professional grade equipment and hand tools.

No jobs are too small or too big, from a simple tree trimming to a difficult tree removal requiring an expert climber or a crane, from standard weekly lawn maintenance to full service maintenance including on-going scheduled pruning and trimming, from yard clean-up to total re-landscaping projects, we have the structure, tools and expert labor to assist you with any jobs. We take pride in the delivery of our services and we strive to provide reliable and complete customer satisfaction at competitive prices.
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Our tree service division is registered with FEMA as a professional tree service and storm clean-up contractor and is always ready to assist in disaster stricken zones. We are fully licensed and insured and always ready to show our insurance certificates, so when it is time for your next project or an emergency tree removal, save time, money and hassle and call us for a free estimate. Call us today at 941-371-7452.