Troyer Tree Trimming Truck — Tree Removal in Sarasota FL
Troyer Tree Service specializes in expert tree trimming and tree removal services for residential, commercial and HOA clients. Safety is our NUMBER ONE priority and we never compromise it. Our tree technicians have years of experience and can execute any jobs with ease, with a bucket truck when the location permits it or by climbing trees with professional grade climbing, rappelling and rigging gears. Climbing trees requires a certain knowledge skill set, and our technicians are experts at this trade.

Whether you need one palm tree trimmed or a very large oak or pine tree to be removed, you should always hire a professional tree service company. We only use professional-grade trucks, equipment and tools. We have developed strong relationships with crane operators when a job requires a crane. We provide tree trimming and removal services in South-West Florida to homeowners, HOA and property managers, commercial properties, hotels, resorts and golf club, home builders and contractors. We are registered with FEMA as a tree service and hurricane clean-up contractor and we travel to disaster stricken zones in times of need. We always strive for complete customer satisfaction and are happy to earn your trust.
We provide tree trimming and removal services for all manner of customers in South-West Florida, including:
  • Homeowners
  • HOA Clients
  • Hotels
  • Property Managers
  • Commercial Properties
  • Resorts and Golf Clubs
  • Home Builders and Contractors
Contact us today for more information about our fast and effective tree removal or trimming services.
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